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International Yoga Day

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY 2023 In today’s fast-paced world, filled with stress and anxieties, people are increasingly turning to holistic practices to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Among these practices, yoga has emerged as a powerful tool for self-transformation. Rooted in ancient traditions, yoga offers a profound and comprehensive approach to harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. 21 June is internationally recognized as International Yoga Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. The objective of this day is to increase awareness regarding the advantages of engaging in yoga and to foster its comprehensive approach to promoting health and well-being. On 21 June, 2023 International Yoga Day was observed at KICMA B School. A visit was organised for students and faculty members to the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Neyyardam. The ashram is located amidst the lush greenery of nature, providing a serene and peaceful environment. The participants attended a yoga and health class conducted by Mrs. Reshma, a staff member of Sivananda Ashram and a former student of KICMA. The class began with a brief introduction to yoga and its origins. The teacher then discussed the numerous health benefits of regular yoga practice, such as increased flexibility, improved balance, enhanced mental focus, reduced anxiety and stress, and a stronger immune system. Different yoga asanas were demonstrated. The yoga expert explained the importance of breathing techniques and explained how it can help in reducing stress. Various asanas like Surya Namaskar, Shavasana, were also demonstrated. The class emphasized his teachings on the four paths of yoga – Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Jnana Yoga. The porgramme was attended by Dr. Rajesh S. Pyngavil, Director and faculty members Dr. Rakesh Kumar S, Dr. Balamuraly S. S, Dr. Vishnunath V. G, Dr. Suja J, Mrs. Pravitha V.P., System Administrator, and Mrs. Deepa A.P., Librarian. The events and activities organized on this day highlighted the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga, inspiring people to integrate yoga into their lives for holistic well-being.

National Reading Day

Reading; an essential, and learning activity of today’s time dates to the initiation of humankind. National Reading Day is an occasion celebrated to honour the initiation of the library movement by P.N. Panicker.  Every year, 19 June is celebrated as the National Reading Day. KICMA Business School has observed and celebrated National Reading Day on 20 June, 2022. Dr Vishnunath V G, Assistant Professor was the faculty coordinator. In connection with the celebrations, an elocution competition was organised for MBA S2 and S4 students. The topic of the competition was Impact of Social Media on Reading Habits of Youngsters.The event was inaugurated by Dr Rajesh S Pyngavil, Professor & Director, KICMA. The key note address was delivered by Dr Rakesh Kumar S, Associate Professor, KICMA. The elocution competition was conducted in both Malayalam and English languages. KICMAte Jisha E A and KICMAte Malavika of MBA S4 and KICMAte Sabarinath and KICMAte Manu of MBA S2 has won first and second prizes for English and Malayalam competitions respectively. Dr Rakesh Kumar S, Dr Vishnunath V G and Ms Deepa A. P, Librarian were the judges. Prizes were also distributed to the winners.

KU Fest 2023

RESEARCHERS FEST: UNIVERSITY OF KERALA The students and faculty members of KICMA Business School attended and participated the Researchers Fest 2023, HIEGHTS 2023 organised by University of Kerala on 22 June, 2023. The event was coordinated by Mrs Shamini T V, Assistant Professor and Dr Suja J, Assistant Professor and attended with 38 students from MBA S2 and S4. The fest was focused on the highlight of research outcomes in various departments, featuring ongoing research activities, exhibitions, poster and research paper presentations with a focus on their social relevance. The fest will also involve interactions with eminent personalities from diverse domains of knowledge, industrialists, and heads of R&D institutions. The campus was open to school, college students, teachers, and the public during the event. The fest was inaugurated by Dr Tessy Thomas, Director General of Aeronautical Systems at the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), an alumnus of Kerala University. P. Balram, Former Director of India Institute of Science (IISc) delivered the keynote address. After the registration process, the students were divided into seven groups and directed to visit different departments. The different departments visited were Department of Music, Department of Education Research, Department of Physics, Department of Commerce and Management, Department of Computer Science, Department of Fisheries Biology, and Department of Law. The students interacted with the various research scholars and faculty members of every department to understand the research and consultancy activities taken up by them for social relance. The students enjoyed Suffi Music, and Maritime show named Tharang. They also have seen prototype of Vizhijam International Seaport Ltd, thesis and consultancy project reports.

Anti Drug Human Chain Campaign

A human chain against drug abuse was organised in 26 June 2023 to mark the first phase of the ‘No to drugs’ campaign. The campaign was organised by Panchayath authorities with other agencies. The students and faculty members of KICMA Business School also participated in the programme with great enthusiasm and spirit. The campaign was organised to create a public defence against substance abuse. Students, teachers, Kudumbashree workers, and people from various walks of life have taken part in the human chain. A pledge against drugs was taken besides the symbolic burning of drugs as part of the campaign. Dr Rajesh S Pyngavil, Director, KICMA, Dr Vincent, Principal, RP Memorial College of Arts and Science, faculty members and students of KICMA and RP Memorial College of Arts and Science were become the part of human chain.